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Infinite Fitnity

In this series, Loda used taking photos as a tool for me to study how we see the world, what the world is like, and so what the real things are in the world. This series is her ongoing project, and she categorized the theme by three; space, time, and something. But also, she is showing how incomplete the standards we rely on to understand the world.
She wanted to say the simple principle; “There is no absolute reality. There is only 'believed' reality” in her art.

By using the mirror, she is showing how infinite the space is, but also how finite the space we perceive is. She creates two worlds; one is through the lens and the other is in the mirror. Expressing two worlds, she keeps asking if we can imagine beyond what we see through our own lens.

By using long-exposure time, she is showing the objects like apple seem like the same during the time. Every single moment’s things are different because every moment is different. Even though we can’t see the difference between one second-ago and after, everything in the world is different by the time. she is showing the time in the photography, and showing the meaning of the time in the world. She said, “we always, literally always lost the time”

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